From the start of Das Klub in April of 2010, Das Klub has always been a group of diverse enthusiasts who loved spending time together and supporting each others VW habits. They didn't desire there to be any rules or dues, they decided they would focus on "keeping it family friendly," meaning friendly to each of our personal families and supportive of each member of the club as a whole. The club does not belong to anyone, it is a group effort with a diverse skillset...all the active members make it what it is today. Another goal is to make those welcome who aren't as knowledgable about their VW's, but would like to learn. They desire to take their families on campouts, to shows, and even workdays; making sure they create a safe and supportive community for all members.  A year after the initial start, Das Klub represented one of the largest VW communities in DFW area. Over time the club has grown from a small group to the 20-30 active members it has today. The original idea proved that many other VW owners in the DFW area were also looking for a similair club to call home. Since it's exsistence, Das Klub is proud of the traditions that have been started such as: regular workdays, monthly meetings and cruises, the Christmas party, Volksgiving campout, the Spring Break trip, and attending the local shows together. We are hopeful that the coming years will be even better. Ask any of the current active members about Das Klub and almost all of them will say..."It's like a family."